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MABR Rescue Successes

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Rosie - MABR Success

Rosie  - MABR Success



Rosie came to MABR after being abused by her former owner. Rosie had a severe case of heart worms,
so bad in fact, that the vet who treated her didn't think Rosie would make it through the treatment. Rosie
had open sores all over her body from being beaten, and her eyes were so infected, she could not even see
out of them. Once Rosie was treated for the heart worms, and her wounds healed, and her eyes treated,
she had a long road ahead of her. Rosie did not trust people, and MABR began getting Rosie to trust again.
After months of working with Rosie, a member of MABR themselves adopted her. Rosie learned what it was
really like to be loved, and treated with kindness. It's sad to report, that Rosie passed away to the
Rainbow Bridge on 12-20-00 after becoming ill.

Gus - MABR Success



Gus came to MABR after being abandoned. His former owners moved and left Gus and his playmate behind in the empty home with several open bags of dog food. After the neighbors began to hear barking coming from the house, they notified the authorities, who then contacted MABR about Gus. Gus was very over weight when he came to us, but trimmed down and looks like a completely different dog now. Gus was adopted by a great family where he is loved and spoiled rotten. Gus's new family did a wonderful job in getting the weight off of him.

Clementine - MABR Success



This is Clementine, at 9 months of age. Clementine came to MABR at the age of 12 weeks.
She was purchased at a pet shop where she had become too big for the cage she was in.
A loving dog family bought her feeling sorry for her, and turned her over to MABR.
Clementine was adopted to a wonderful family where she lives on a farm and is spoiled rotten.

friday-ma.jpg (7980 bytes)



This is Friday at 11 months of age. Friday came to MABR, as his owners could no longer care for a dog his size.
Friday is a very tall, active dog, who was just too much for the owners, who did not do their homework before getting this breed.
Friday was adopted into a home, where he would become the second bloodhound in the family.

Gracie - MABR Success



Gracie was turned over to MABR, after her owners felt she needed someone who would be able to spend more time with her.
Gracie was adopted into a wonderful home all the way across the US. Gracie was put on a plane in VA and sent to her new home in CA.
Gracie is loved by her new family and often goes camping in the mountains with them.