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MABR Rescue Successes

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Bill - Success MABR Bill - Success MABRLayla - Success MABR



This is "Bill" doing his thing after taking a nice dip in the pool. Bill was one of three dogs turned into a shelter together.

"Layla", was abused by her former owners. She was taken away by animal control and placed in rescue. Layla was in pretty bad shape when she came to us, but with a little TLC, she was a beautiful healthy girl again.

A wonderful family adopted Bill and Layla, to join the bloodhound they already owned. Bill has moved right in to his new place, and loves his new family (four and two legged).
Layla is shown in this pic sunning herself in the pool. Layla has found what it means to be loved, and couldn't be more happy. This adoption was a match made in Heaven.

Jimmy and RudyJimmy
Jimmy and RudySpoiled Jimmy



"Jimmy" was adopted by a MABR transport volunteer. Jimmy is very happy living with his new friend "Rudy" (also a bloodhound). Jimmy is being spoiled rotten as can be seen in the picture. Jimmy was one of three bloodhounds that came to MABR from a puppy mill. Jimmy along with his brother Bill and Bill's daughter were all adopted into wonderful "forever homes."

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