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Thank you for contacting NorthEast Bloodhound Rescue.  Please understand
that our primary concern is placing a dog in the best possible home for the
dog and we therefore do not operate on a first come, first served basis. We
will try to match you and the dog according to your application to create the
best possible match.
    There is a $150 dollar adoption fee. This is to provide the dog with all
vaccinations, spay/neuter, heartworm testing and fecal exams. It also covers
the cost of temperament testing, obedience, and/or foster care if necessary.
We are an all-volunteer organization. All moneys received go directly to aid
the dogs, and the only money we get is from donations. We do have some
absolute requirements. In order to be considered, you must have a fenced
yard, you must be willing and able to provide adequate food, shelter,
veterinary care and meet the emotional needs of the Bloodhound, and you must
agree that, if the dog is unsuitable or in need of placement again, the dog
will be returned to NorthEast Bloodhound Rescue.
    If, once you have read the information, you are still interested in a
Bloodhound, we strongly suggest that you read The New Complete Bloodhound by
Catherine Brey and Lena Reed, and Second-Hand Dog by Carol Lea Benjamin.
Contact us with any questions, we will be happy to help. Once we have your
application back, we can begin the process of matching you to your new dog.
    We look forward to hearing from you.

NorthEast Bloodhound Rescue
    Lisa Erb, Adoption Coordinator
        (845) 565-6247
    Betsy Copeland, Online Coordinator
        (716) 791-3550

Questions for someone applying for a dog

Name Date

Email Address

Zip Code


How long have you lived at the above address:

Do you Own or Rent your home?_______________________

Bloodhounds, like people are individuals. When a bloodhound is available for relocation, this committee has tried to observe and/or evaluate the dog so that we can give you as much information as possible. Please assist us by answering the following questions about yourself and what you expect from a bloodhound.

How did you hear about us?

Have you ever met a Bloodhound in person?

Who is living in the house? (If there are children, please include ages)

Who will have the major responsibility of caring for your bloodhound? Is this person home all day?

Where will your Bloodhound spend most of his/her time?

Do you have a fenced in area suitable for a bloodhound? Please describe:

Have you previously owned a Bloodhound? If so, what happened to your last dog?

What pets have you previously owned?

What pets currently reside with you? (type, sex. age)

How will you exercise the dog?

Would you obedience train the dog?yesno

Would you train it for tracking/trailing?yesno

Age and sex preferences:_____________  Male_______  Female_______
Please list names and phone numbers of 3 references

If an unneutered bloodhound is available through this relocation program, I will have it neutered within 30 days after receiving the dog.  I also understand that the AKC resgistration papers will be held by NorthEast Bloodhound rescue until the surgical procedure is done and certification of same is received from a veterinarian.

Veterinarian/Animal Hospital who will be taking care of the dog. (Include phone number and address)

E-mail this form to Betsy Copeland

Bloodhounds Available For Adoption

NorthEast Bloodhound Rescue Adoption Contract
(Please review this contract before filling out an application.)

NorthEast Bloodhound Rescue Adoption Application

NorthEast Bloodhound Rescue Placement Application

About NorthEast Bloodhound Rescue

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