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Questions for someone giving up a dog

In an effort to help us place your dog in an environment best suited to his/her needs, please fill out the following questionnaire as completely and honestly as possible.

Name Date

Email Address

Zip Code


Dog's Name Dog's Age

Dog's Sex:
Altered? yesno

Why are you giving up the dog?

General Health of Dog (Include history of surgery, accidents, eye, ear or skin problems).

When was last DHLP-P booster?

When was last rabies?

When was last heartworm test?

Name of heartworm medicine and last date given

Name, address, tel.# of veterinarian:

Where did you get your bloodhound?(Name of breeder,pet store etc).

How long have you owned the dog? (If you are not the original owner, please explain)

Why was dog given up if you are a subsequent owner?

Is your yard fenced or is the dog kenneled or confined?

What brand of food do you feed? How much?

Dog's Temperament And Behavior

How would you best describe the temperament of the dog? (check all that apply) puppyish, active,
timid, aggressive, independent, uncontrollable, confident, gentle, passive,
demanding, defensive, reserved, shy.

Has this dog ever bitten? Under what circumstances?

Does this dog ever growl, bare his teeth, snap or nip? Under what conditions?

Do you work?yesno If so, how many hours is the dog left alone?

How does the dog behave when left alone?

Is the dog confined or allowed the run of the house?

Is the dog housebroken?yesno

Does the dog bark excessively? Under what conditions?

Is the dog destructive?....does he chew? dig? steal? soil? other?

How is the dog in the car?

How is the dog with children?

Can this dog be unquestioningly trusted with infants and small children?

How is this dog with visitors?

How is this dog with strangers?

How is this dog with other animals?

How do you exercise this dog?

Is the dog leash trained?yes no

Obedience trained?yesno

What commands does this dog respond to?

What should a new owner NOT do with this dog?

Before this dog can be placed, he must be up to date on all inoculations and have a current heartworm test. A donation is requested to help cover the cost of the rescue program. We realize that every situation is different and our main concern is for the welfare of the dog. Please feel free to voice your concerns.

Upon reviewing this form NEBR will send you an application which will need to be signed by you. We also require that the dog's medical history be sent to us at that time. NorthEast Bloodhound Rescue will make every effort to place this dog in a responsible home. Thank you for your cooperation.

email Betsy Copeland

Bloodhounds Available For Adoption

NorthEast Bloodhound Rescue Adoption Contract
(Please review this contract before filling out an application.)

NorthEast Bloodhound Rescue Adoption Application

NorthEast Bloodhound Rescue Placement Application

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